Unit 11

Here is my understanding of remix vs. mash-up. You remix a work when you alter one particular work. Like there are remixed songs where you basically have the same song but you add some new parts but it is still the same song. An example is the song “Deuces” and the remix version has other rappers add parts to the original but it is still called “Deuces” A mash up would be a whole bunch of works mashed together and I am thinking about a video that has all the different versions of a movie (say Batman) and then puts them together to create something different. The in-between example is the song “Forever Young” — an old 80s song, but Jay-Z uses the refrain and makes it a completely different song. So it is like a remix but where the original is extremely different.

I have a limited discussion of the topic on this video:

Working on some of the assignments –

Here is the emoji plus picture.IMG_2760

(I’m really happy in the picture because I am at the Eagles-Giants game…)


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