Unit 10

This is my foley using the Chaplin Lion Cage video:

Video assignments –

This was a 5-star assignment to show highlights from a professional athlete. It took me some time, and I don’t like the way the music cuts off at the end, but i like the videos.

This was a 4-star assignment to use selfies to tell a story. This is sort of a story of running, but definitely needs development. Basically, I feel that I could create a great story and make this video into a legitimate story but I feel that working under these time constraints (needing to do a whole series of assignments in one week… ) makes it impossible for me to work to my perfectionist standards, so I end up with things I don’t really like but I just need to get it done… Maybe there is value in “just getting it done…” IDK….

Last project is unfinished. I am posting part of it– the ending. It is a 3-star (for a total of 12…) assignment to make a video of doing something green. The part you can’t really see is my youngest son carrying the recycling to the curb. It is almost midnight. There is a lot of cursing because he is carrying two garbage cans and his older brother is filming him and laughing. Then he drops the cans, spilling the bottles all over the street and there is more cursing… so I had to edit heavily. I need to add the part where I ask my sons to take care of the recycling and they say “yeah, sure…” but never do it…. They didn’t get home in time to do that part so I’ll add it later.


One thought on “Unit 10”

  1. Two finished products – nice!

    Did you create your own Foley track or use clips from sources? At first I didn’t expect the laughing – but as it continued it created the story and I liked it!

    One of the helpful things in #ds106 for us as learners is to document the process of what we did, what walls we hit, how we climbed them. The reflection helps our own learning -but then also extends to others who are working on similar things.

    I liked the video footage in the sports assignment. The sound at the end you said you were not happy with. I did find that between clips having some with the background noise and music and some with music only seemed disjointed or made me wonder if there was something I was missing that the sound was different and I couldn’t find it. Boosting, clipping, or fading might help that. Wondering what you were using for tools…..

    Great efforts and sounds like you enjoyed doing them so SCORE!


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