Week 8 Summary

Serial — The Deal with Jay

I just listened to Serial. I don’t understand Jay, but the jury seemed to like him so he might be one of those people who is likeable in person. BUT Adnan’s defense attorney is definitely NOT likeable. Her voice is grating and annoying and she is yelling–she may have lost the case just on how she seems so aggressive toward Jay, but not in a logical way. She was asking Jay if he was telling the truth, but she poses the question in the negative so it’s confusing. And I think the jury wanted to see Adnan on the stand–why didn’t she do that? If they liked Jay, maybe they would like Adnan too?

Here is my poster. My son said it looks like a seven year old did it. Thanks for that…

Radio poster

Radio commercial:

Radio bumper:

Radio Script

Radio Script –


2 thoughts on “Week 8 Summary”

  1. Nice job jamming all of the topics into one commercial… I’m guessing that’s your son playing on the bumper by the way. I want to get my kids on mine too, but they’re hard to pin down!


  2. I loved listening to your bumper and commercial in class. I feel like you are so creative and its really great that you get your kids to join in. I’m excited to hear your students interviews in your recording. I think you will have the most interesting part because you will actually have stories and anecdotes to add to your script.


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