Weekly Summary – Unit 6

OK — Here are my design examples. Here’s some of what I found during my designblitz:

Color: this monochromatic place setting looks beautiful to me. The blues are calm and relaxing, classy but not fussy. Looks perfect to me.


Typography: This was my Teaching Portfolio binder. We were supposed to come up with a theme, and I thought that was juvenile, so I just used this typewriter font to indicate my background as a reporter. Of course, it might be dated, given that most people don’t read newspapers and certainly don’t use typewriters, but I still like it.


Metaphors/Symbols: This shirt is a marketer’s dream. $30 for that t-shirt… but it symbolizes Jeter with the 2 and his symbol as a positive role model, with a nod to Michael Jordan and the nike company. So everyone is making $ on this one:


Another symbol (the rose) using a classic handbag shape with a new pattern:


This is another symbol–a crown from BWW–funny and perfect font for the message. Also colors are bold, just like the wings!

Wing Man crown

Minimalism/use of space: Everyone recognizes this clean, crisp Beats symbol. Beats

Some bad (in my opinion) designs:

I can’t count the ways I hate this yearbook cover. I guess it’s supposed to be clever “A Paws in Time” and the school mascot is a tiger, hence the tiger in the space ship and the pawprints. But the title is cynosure (and it’s still on there…) It looks cluttered, disjointed, and ugly: Paws in Time...

And this is another bad cover in my opinion. The cover, the font, the alignment, and the fact that it is supposed to be useful math and then shows a chalkboard (wow!  how modern!) with some stupid equations that are irrelevant to everyday life. Yuck.Math Book

And I love Troy Polamalu and I like the Steelers. But this poster gives me a headache. The backlighting and the little flying saucers floating around (they are not footballs…) might be intended to show his (formerly amazing) speed, but now it looks like crap to me. Correction – my son told me the flying saucers are some kind of steel thing, but they don’t look like those diamonds in the steelers emblem. I still don’t like it.

Polamalu poster


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