Visual Assignments – week 5

The last three things I drank are pretty much the only things I drink–last night, I had a (delicious) Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale, this morning I started my day with a (delicious) dunkin donuts pumpkin coffee with cream and then I had filtered water with an organic lemon. Note the pyramid shape.


What’s in my bag ? A whole lot of crap…

Two pairs of ear buds — the power beats are for running, the regular ones are for sitting on the train. Gloves are for running, wallet is for buying stuff. Lots of pens because I can never find one. Breathsavers because I have coffee breath in the morning. School ID with bathroom key–very important to be able to use the bathroom. Three packs of tissues because if I don’t need them, someone else will. Some “just in case” stuff….




Three faces of stress…school stress (teacher and student) and sad stress…

Before and after photos, me and my daughter on the Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge - then


Reposing a baby picture:

Baby Aleksei

Big Aleksei


One thought on “Visual Assignments – week 5”

  1. I love all of these! Your son was an adorable baby! The Brooklyn bridge pictures are the best. I also did the whats in your bag assignment. I didn’t realize how much I had in my bag until I took it all out. I like the way you organized your things. I have so many just in case things in my bag too haha.


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