Telling Stories in Photos – Unit 5

Weekly Summart – Unit 5

Jason Eskanazi –

What I learned: there is a “grammar” to photography, you need to understand lightness/darkness and translating a 3D image to 2D. It is important what you leave out and it is a mystery – like a poem that “distills language”. he talked about repetition of form, geometry and symmetry and that he feels visual literacy is innate.

Lange’s “Migrant Mother” photo –

I never see this photo without getting something more from it. When I read the story behind the photo I was confused because the caption for the other shot says “Seven children without food. Mother aged 32.” But the story says that she had four of the six children and the dad went out with the two boys to look for car parts. So it bothered me–were there 6 or 7 children? But in the other shot of Florence Owens Thompson we can see one of the children’s faces, which is a contrast between the very worried mother’s face and the blissfully unaware babys face. Also I can more vividly see the bones protruding from the mother’s chest and that makes me more focused on her overall physical condition rather than focus on her face which shows more her emotional state.

Watched several of past DS106 classes and enjoyed some of the discussions about composition, b&w, no flash, converging lines and backgrounds…will try to keep that and the 10 tips in mind…


chapel at camp nazareth

yoga ball

pump it up

chubby hands

oh captain my captain


This was actually fun after all the (very long but informative) lectures about photography. I always thought it would be cool to learn to take good pictures. If I ever have taken a good picture, it was completely an accident. This time, I just went to my living room where two of my kids were watching “Psych” and I told my youngest son to tell me what to do next. He let me take a picture of his phone for the time, and I love his screen saver so I used that as a picture. Then I just sort of wandered around the dark, messy living room looking for stuff. It was beautiful outside (snowing AGAIN!!!) but I didn’t think I could get all the shots done in 15 minutes if I went outside. I tried to think about what I just learned, but I was really focused on what I was supposed to capture.


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