Weekly Summary unit 4

Monday, February 17 –

Very very very frustrating day trying to get the radio DS106 bumper done. Had to load and try to figure out audacity. It looks like there is a whole lot of power in that program, but it’s wasted on me because I have no idea what to do with it. Sort of like giving a Ferrari to someone who doesn’t drive stick. I muddled through–they do have a really thorough users guide, which is helpful. So I picked some music (the opening of “Sometime Around Midnight” by Airborne Toxic Event) and loaded that and then I recorded my voice. There is a funny episode where I don’t realize I am recording and I say “I can’t even hear my #$%^* voice and my son and I start laughing hysterically. But that’s all edited away and I think it’s okay and I’m ready to export. Then I had a some problems getting the mp3 converter to work right. Then I couldn’t load to soundcloud. I thought it was because of my conversion so I kept re-downloading that LAME thing but it turns out the mp3 convertor was fine.  It turned out that it was because of copyright infringement–I used a portion of a song… which I thought was ok, like 20 seconds of a song? How does everyone else do all those re-mixes if they aren’t using the actual songs? Ok so now I have to get some original music for this bumper? Really?! OK… Did nothing all day except this… Well, I also went to the dentist, so all and all it wasn’t my best day. Now I am waiting for my son to get home from school so he can play the guitar for this track.  At this point, I can’t worry too much about how this comes out because I have to get ready for school tomorrow and I still have to make the sound effects story. I really do want to learn how to do this audio stuff; the learning curves is just steeper than I anticipated and I keep sliding down to the bottom of the hill….

A couple comments I left: http://www.dshargis106.com/ds106/ds106-radio-bumper/#comment-90

All my daily creates are in the daily create section: I did edible jewelry, creative hands, international dot day and the happily ever after story: http://tdc.ds106.us/writings/a-boy-named-dmitrius/

Reactions to the audio stories and listening are in the “thoughts and ideas” section, as are my thoughts about Serial, the New Yorker article and episode 3.

This is the radio thing. Sound effect story is later.

I did it! Sound effect story:


One thought on “Weekly Summary unit 4”

  1. The Audacity was hard to figure out, so I went to the digital center and maggie helped me with it. I love using it now because there are so many sound projects and it is fun. The only hard part is that everything is time consuming.


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