Weekly Summary – Unit 3

All of my work is set up in categories now. Rather than just have everything in one post, I have all my daily creates together, thoughts and reflections, weekly summaries, etc. I like it this way–I’m hoping I see some improvement over the term.

I liked Kurt Vonnegut’s shape of a story exercise. I am getting ready to teach Macbeth, so I chose to sketch the shape of that play. It makes sense to me that people like the archetypes in stories, so they would appreciate similar-shaped stories.

I commented on several blogs, but the links aren’t up yet–still waiting for approvals. I looked for blogs that said “this was a struggle for me, but I kept trying and this is what I came up with…” rather than “my blog/ideas/creations are so awesome! I was really able to show off all my creativity…” IDK – that just irks me. If it’s that good, we’ll let you know….

Daily creates: I don’t agree that these are 10-15 minute assignments. I can’t even figure out what I’m doing in 10 minutes. Like I wanted to do the family tree, but even digitally it would take me a minute to find pictures of everyone. That’s my bad for having 5 kids, I guess, but I can’t possibly do a decent job in a reasonable amount of time, so I left it alone. Maybe I’m a little bit of a perfectionist… So I ended up with a dot and a picture of hands…

My story in pictures – it was ok–I just happened to have five pictures with that cat in them. if I could have added words I would have said that the kids were completely grossed out by that kitten when it first appeared on the porch–scrawny, dirty, runny eyes–and they were like “you are not bringing that thing in the house, mom!” but then the thing infiltrated itself into the family.

Overall, DS 106 is hello work for me. Nothing like reading a couple articles and summarizing the main points. I am trying to keep up. I am definitely learning. I feel like I have  my blog pretty well organized–I was happy about getting those categories working.


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