About Audio Storytelling

Listening –

  • One of the nuggets from the “how to truly listen” lady was the idea that “everyone, depending on where we’re sitting, will experience the sound quite differently” — interesting because we all bring our own perspectives to everything.
  • I also thought it was interesting that she said the performer on stage normally gets the worst sound experience, but they get the best physical experience because they are experiencing the breath and the physical vibrations.

Ira Glass

  • I frequently found myself having to go back and re-listen to what he said because I started reflecting on stories and seeing if they fit his criteria.
  • The two major building blocks of a story are the anecdote (the sequence of events), like being on a train with a destination, and the moment of reflection. It is necessary to bait your readers or listeners by raising a question that needs to be answered. Chekhov or somebody said that you shouldn’t have a gun on the wall in Act I unless it was going to go off by Act IV. So everything needs to fit together.
  • A good story is going to have action, a moment of reflection, action, reflection, rinse and repeat.
  • It’s hard to find a decent story: “the importance of abandoning crap” –often hard because we get attached to our stories
  • When you have good taste you know your story is bad. I appreciated that he shared his bad story and reflected on how bad it was. That took real guts.
  • Bad personalities don’t tell good stories. It can’t always be about you. Create a shared experience.

Jad Abumarad

  • he talked about “gut churn” –how sick you feel when you are creating something new. It made me think of giving birth. Your whole body shuts down to focus on this one incredibly painful experience.
  • he also shared the blind panic he felt during a show when you have time to fill.

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