Weekly Summary

I don’t think the results I see on my blog reflect the work I did this week…I spent time making and unmaking themes, pages and categories. Kept changing my mind about how to set it all up. (too many choices?)

One difficulty for me is that I get lost when I click away from the ds106 site – I go and see other completed assignments or watch a video about how to do something and then I am not sure where I was in the process. (ADD? squirrel?) The handbook is helpful but some of the information about assignments is different from the open course website and the “creating animated GIFs the modern way” link doesn’t exist, so I hope that wasn’t vital.

I am not tagging correctly. I thought I was, but I’m not–need to clarify that with someone…

I did one daily create, tweeted not much, uploaded a GIF, made a GIF (oops–need to upload that now…) , enjoyed the personal cyberinfrastructure info,

Mostly looking forward to serial–but need to teach all day tomorrow first.


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