A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

This was a fascinating article and lecture for me, as an educator. I find it ironic that as higher education is opening up in many ways, secondary schools continue to try to use technology without giving up control. Urban schools in particular are more and more focused on control (KIPP schools, charters, etc. are extremely rigid) — but maybe that has always been true and it is just more apparent through the contrast with openness in other settings.

My biggest fear is a little bit of Brave New World — no one reads literature any more because everyone has access to on-line summaries. I see more and more students who don’t like to struggle to understand difficult literature–they prefer to google the answer. Math teachers tell me many students stop taking math when it gets too difficult. Just as coaches need to force athletes to keep working when they want to quit, sometimes students need to be (encouraged, required, forced) to do work that before they get to the point of narrating, curating and sharing.


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